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Update Jan 13 2019 II - SCI CO

Update Jan 13 2019 II

Posted by Dana Phelps

We have some encouraging news regarding the post production on video! There’s not so much to do as we thought and the learning curve is not as drastic. After Camille expertly set up the system SCi CO is working from, Dana has taken to tutorials and learn by doing. This has actually led to some refinement in the cut and the sound, which did need some polishing (not much, mostly level adjustments for volume and then a bit of cutting on scene work, adding music in a rough spot). We’re going to be improving and improving as we go through the video special fx process.


The After Effects software is very straight forward and the multitude of videos online describing how to use it for exactly the purposes that we want are very helpful. The sound polishing comes after lots of hours was already put into it and we’re just polishing here, refining so we have a smooth cut worthy of showing to audiences. This film is after the long-term dollar and after Dana’s health and studio issues, the delays have been rather serious but we are in a good spot now to put the film out there. Seeing the competition for $10,000 feature films we are above the bar and can expect to have some reward for the long wait and for the incredible acting work by the actors.


The main obstacles will be the green screen backgrounds and *not* the special fx, as anticipated. The green screen stuff should be pretty easy to work with and the special fx stuff is so much easier than expected that we’re using the time more now for the sound work to make it cleaner and more balanced than doing the actual fx. There’s a few places for UFO to appear and that has been prepared for with some special lighting methods by Dana from back in Newport (using specific tools which will be layered in). It’s not going to be a big mechanical Space Trek sort of situation, we have a minimalist idea and conceptualization of the technology for the kitty craft which is more like magic.


Aside from that, we are looking to stabilize footage, do some work for light balancing…and almost nothing else but Titling and Credits. We will be extremely economical with the Title and Credits for the first release and expect to improve upon that later with high end equipment and talent once we get to the point of working with a major publisher to distribute and even take the picture into theaters.

SCi CO is making some connections for a Southeast Asian circuit run, where we will be able to test market the picture before audiences in smaller theaters in a few countries where there’s not the same desire to see a $200 million budget with all the bells and whistles. India is also a market base we can approach once we have a solid cut to release.


This is all very exciting, it’s taken a while to get over the hump and put the nose to the grindstone. “Shuke’s War” is now being edited by Dana’s mother Gretchen Brinck who wrote “The Boy Next Door” which is in its third printing and a very well respected work. Her next book involves her experiences as the first Social Worker in the US to do outreach with Eskimo villagers in Alaska! The University of Alaska press or Cirque Journal (which is about to print books) will be the most likely publisher. There’s a chance that “Shuke’s War” will be released by Cirque with her as editor but we are happy to self publish and see how the book does in the free market to attract agents for a major publisher at that point.