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Update Jan 13 2019 - SCI CO

Update Jan 13 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps



“Shuke’s War” 3rd Draft is completed. Hooray! This took oodles of amount of work and we’re going to be working with the line editing as we can get to it. We have two editors ready to avail themselves for the work which is mostly grammar, general syntax, continuity and such but the creative writing is basically now finally done. This was a huge job and feels like a big accomplishment. There’s a lot of potential for a book option, movie kind of deal for a script and even for a gaming world, since it’s an original fantasy dragon novel with magic, battles, goblins and a myriad of original creatures and peoples, places, etc. The book’s plot takes place on two planets and has two main dragons, “Ardugaknathal” and “Shuke”. This was thrilling to write and a great big challenge, we’re extremely pleased at the finality of the third draft. The fourth will be ‘it’, there is no more work to be done on it after that. We’re ready to go with a book cover and Amazon Kindle/Print-On-Demand services to make the novel sell. We want to make some money here, guys and we will be really happy to see audiences enjoy the work.
At some point we’ll make an audio book version when we can spend the time.


Meanwhile, we’re very dedicated to getting “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” finalized and released to audiences. We know that the next Indie movie won’t be out until 2021 (gasp anyone? Like our film it’s been pushed back). Thus we’ll have a few years to really cultivate a following and success for our little horror sci-fi comedy. This ain’t bad for us at all, we’ll be in prime position within a few years for a commercial, a re-release with suped up post production and a placement in the “Cult” section of online franchises. We’re in good shape here!


Stay tuned…