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Update Jan 8 2019 - SCI CO

Update Jan 8 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

Hi folks!

We’re rolling here with a lot of development. A relocation plan is in the works for Dana and SCi CO will become an LLC this year in the States, probably.


We have interviewed some talent are excited by the likely addition of a great young actor for one of the chat commercial roles! Our other talent already cast for that will be available in a few weeks and we have a lot of auditioning models/actors for the third spot. Dana is working in After Effects now everyday on the video post and it’s a bit slow but we’re getting the job done. Dana is working from the time he gets up until he goes to bed without too much time for himself in between, thus the steady pace will be rewarding and we’re feeling good about progress.


“Shuke’s War” is finally about 14 pages from being edited in its 3rd draft! Again, as we’ve stated several times in previous Updates the 3rd draft is the last of the creative content or ‘rewriting’ and up until the last chapters, there was not too much more than a sentence to add here or there and some reworking of some of the other passages. The grand finale is a huge battle with several miniature fights going on, thus it is extremely intricate and somewhat delicate. There’s a lot of action and the plot is concise with specific events aligning together. The editing is going very well, we’ve got some inside feedback which is excellent. It has taken as long as it has because it was about 12 or 13000 words of last chapters when we started and we’re now pushing 17000! We’ll be likely done this week though we won’t be giving any more projections on dates, we’ll be done with it when we are done. At this pace it won’t be more than a few days.