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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re going strong here at SCi CO and it must be said that all this work, toil, investment, time, all what SCi CO has endured will be worth it in the end– which is close for the completion of this movie! We are interviewing and auditioning with professional talent for the Late Night TV/Internet Chat ad on tv between the dour newscast and the climactic horror-comedy hotel room scene where Karmen Spiller acts her way hopefully into some nice awards.


Shuke’s War has an additional 10 pages now (we’re at about 15000 words for the last two chapters) thus we still are at 20 pages to go on that but we’re making a lot of progress and the content is really encouraging. In fact, it appears as the best part of the book for Dana as he’s writing it. The battle scenes are barreling with action, there’s appearances from two dragons and a loving couple who are spectating the whole event with the assistance of ‘Ardugaknathal’ who is a black scaled dragon who is so large and ancient that he could be actually the night sky itself in some smaller worlds. We’re closing in on that, have a print on demand service for it and we’re working on a paperback set to get into select bookstores. Powell’s is 100%, we’ll have to get some copies for sale there.


We’re delaying on musical projects for the month while we focus on video post production for “Raiders…”. SCi CO is enthusiastically confident in the entertainment value for this production. Dana’s medical issues are resolved, we have a solid financial path without any drama to expect for that end in the future (though we’ve cinched our belt and are budgeting much much more concisely) and we have set out a rock solid schedule to be working on every day for the movie and book. We must have the book and the film completed next. The only other projects that SCi CO is doing this month is a few hours a day of drawings.

SAMPLE of “Shuke’s War”

Chapter 10

©SCi CO Books


T’hurlk threw his head back and shook off the effects of the grievous neck wound as best he could. His full vitality had not returned but he was much improved and feeling a confidence brew in him which had resulted from the possibility to end the goblin before him with continuous strikes to the same place on the head! The flickering light warrior dragged his the photon-stone hammerhead along the powdery dark ground toward H’aru in a barbaric display of cockiness and mockery of his rival. T’hurlk was seething at the chance to strike the bleeding goblin down! With unbridled aggression, T’hurlk pounded at the same damaged place on H’aru’s bloody skull with impossible speed and accuracy. Even H’aru was challenged to perceive the nimble strikes and in response, the startled red goblin pound at his own chest in an animal rage as if to challenge T’hurlk’s to take his best shot as though it could not possibly cause any further harm!


H’aru was being beaten about the head with a flurry of powerful blows but he was still able to reel his arm back to use his whip in a zealous attempt to slice T’hurlk’s chiseled face open. H’aru did not successfully cut through the entirety of the photon hero’s mug but did manage to lop off the tip of his nose. The flickery light-flesh nasal tip plopped undramatically onto the ground and it started sneezing all on its own which sent the nose end into a spin on the ground! The nasal helicopter began rising up into the air by its own propulsive force and then re-attached itself onto the rest of T’hurlk’s nose in just the right place in a dazzling display of magical surgery. The nose tip was not quite as bright and shimmery as the rest of him anymore and it appeared to be fighting for circulation with the creeping dark presence of nether energy inside his light-blood streaming veins. The battle against the nether necrosis was draining T’hurlk and slightly reduced his vigorous fury of swings at the identical place on H’aru’s massive noggin but it didn’t make much difference for either of them to notice.