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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re back on track now as indicated. Yesterday Sunday Dana was under the weather so worked less than would have otherwise but did press on through the flu symptoms to get writing accomplished and a start on the film post. We’re looking at some goals now for Spring time which will enable SCi CO to move on from the projects gathering steam for the past few years including the film release, book release, Bach In Socket completion and the jazz guitar album. After the major issue with the financing, family relationships and Dana’s medical issues there was a stoppage of a lot of work. The result is more stability overall for the company but we’re also looking at relocation soon and this will align with some new goals oriented to a timeline.


Dana and SCi CO will be looking at the foreign relocation issues over the next months. It is not clear when the move will take place but it is imminent at this point, certainly within the next 6 months but probably sooner. When Dana leaves it must be with the film and other releases already in place, thus we can start with a clean slate in the new location. The plan is to maximize the dollars we have to spend while getting a fresh start on the new works such as Dana’s abstract drawings, new music, new books and eventually maybe even a new film. Making another film is so outside of the realities for SCi CO right now that we’d prefer not to really think about it much but if Dana gathers his steam back enough and has a clear schedule for projects, meaning all our releases are completed and we’re competing in the marketplace with “Clams…” “Shuke’s War” “Bach in Socket” etc., then maaaaaaybe we will consider doing another film, an we have three scripts ready to go. Dana has written quite a lot and has a few which could be produced cheaply and fast, right now. Dana is working on a 20 minute ballet which has had its stops and starts but hopefully we will be done with that music by March at the latest.


“Shuke’s War” final chapter editing work is about halfway done, or a bit less. We’re very close to completing the grand finale of that book which is an intensive battle scene on a black crystalline mountainside with two great dragons, an embattled hero named T’hurlk (Age of Thor anyone?) and three nether demon goblins named H’aru, Blixighisk and Guh’thl. Then the battling army of ‘light’ soldiers who were a flesh and blood humanoid race evolving into pure luminescent energy embattled with a mass of deformed giant goblin soldiers. This is a very intense and dramatic final series of chapters and the work is a lot more challenging to edit than the previous pages because each paragraph is taut with plot tension and the extremes of the battle scene, very condensed with action but it’s also highly rewarding and a lot of fun! The book is going swimmingly, we’re very excited by the progress and it won’t be more than a few weeks before we’re through with the creative content, and since Dana is working on bit by bit everyday that probably will be a completion of the line-editing (syntax and grammar stuff, not creative writing which takes the most time and effort) by the time.


SCi CO has absorbed that it’s goals for dates of completion are wildly off, a joke which is what SCi CO started out with (“On Time, On Schedule and On Budget” is a ™ claim). But we’re definitely closing on the finish of the film and the book. Bach In Socket is literally held off by finances now, that’s just a technical snag for the production of the last two tracks. The jazz album was simply not possible to get much progress on while Dana was dealing with medical changes, the tumult of family and financial pressures, etc. Dana essentially had to change medical programs while also reeling from a damaging stoppage of income and investment for the business. Again we’re stabilized now and doing a lot better without the baggage of a harmful entity in the mix, we’re on a clear path now for everything to continue.


We appreciate the patience of the cast/crew, we’re all about the *very long term goals* here meaning we will like to see our production in theaters eventually but are not in a hurry. We want it done but won’t sacrifice quality and we won’t put ourselves into the hospital from a break down of fatigue etc. for getting it done too early. We have Netflix locked if we want it and are interested in overseas distributors. The movie will be released in good time to coordinate with the Indie Jones movie franchise releasing it’s #5 and that will be a boon for us! We can ride the tail stream of that comet and hopefully make some money by making fun of the biggest movie franchise in the history of movies, or at least one of. If we can find a comedy niche for entertainment there will expect to make money for a long long time with our picture.

Here’s a sample of one of the new ink abstracts which are receiving a lot of critical acclaim from talent and friends. Dana is considering putting this up in a gallery in Vancouver, which will be a question of paperwork and setting the price at this point: