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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana has been through some medical obstacles and re-organization of finances. There’s also personal family and relationship issue which have been difficult but are finally resolved. We’re focusing on the film and the book now, in that order. Dana is assuming the role of post-video production. We are not giving any predictions for timeline of achievement but are taking each step necessary in the best time we can. The goal of long-term success with the film is the most important and we aim to have a film that can earn money for a long long long long time. The challenges SCi CO Films has faced include some pretty unusual and overlarge ones but we keep on chugging and we are on the finish line itself, ready to cross over. We feel the film could play well as is but will be doing the necessary video work and a few audio tweaks before our first version is completed. When that is published we hope to snare a deal with a bigger film production company/ distributor perhaps to get some gloss to it with a higher budgeted team for post-production.