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Reorganized On Great Path - SCI CO

Reorganized On Great Path

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana has had to deal with a lot of toil behind the scenes with family drama on an estate issue. Fortunately after much work and conflict, the situation is resolving very well with healing of relationships, reparation of financial doings and a lot more stability. SCi CO is in a new and better position than ever before.


Camille is not going to continue working with the video post, she is too busy. Dana will be taking that on himself. We have no more date projections at this time, it’s done when it’s done. But we won’t be wasting any time, there’s much more business than the film going on with SCi CO.


Shuke’s War is 33 pages from final 3rd draft editing! The 250 or so page book will then be line edited for grammar and final content control. The major rewrites and the fine tuning will be done and the book can soon be released. We have an awesome cover ready to do and will be on Powell’s bookshelves before we know it! It’s very exciting to work with the book as it is extremely taut and fun for the editor.


The film is in good shape. We feel a long run on Netflix and elsewhere will be worth the struggle and time spent behind the scenes. It may seem unnatural or overlong but for a one man show doing the whole feature himself, it’s actually not that bad. Things would have been a lot quicker if Dana hadn’t been intimidated and had massive problems with studio space (harassment, assaults, etc.) but all in all we feel the film will make money a long time and the water under the bridge is not that atypical for unestablished artists.

We have some new allies for SCi CO and will be making use of the contacts accordingly.


Stay tuned…





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Random pages of writing from Chap 8-9


By this time, the mobs of glowing light beings had all managed to start climbing up the huge number of nether ropes which led up the semi-circular black glassy mountain base. As they began to reach the edge of the cliffside above and began to pour onto even ground with the goblins, a high pitched sound like Gaelron’s dragon horn was heard!

Ardugaknathal awoke and yawned. A nice battle starting? Thirst. Gaelron and Halabarefth were tossed backward and off the great dragon’s skull to land perfectly onto its inner wings, one on each side. With this, the gigantic scaly black dragon gently rose into the air and began to circle the top of the mountainside just below Shuke’s black crystal nest. Ardugaknathal was not awake for what would account for billions of generations in Earth time and for this momentous occasion it was going to be only slightly awake, enough to focus on some entertainment and enjoying some companionship the amusing Gaelron and his lass who had somehow recommended the dragon. The sky they soared through manifested a flickering green shower of sparks from light to deep greens with each beating of the magnificent dark dragon’s wings. The lone moon was phasing in and out, going from crescent to full at accelerated paces with red hues swirling around it like a new whirlpool of dragon blood. The battle energy which Ardugaknathal felt was affording him the chance to help engineer some alterations such as the waxing and waning of the moon, a touch to give Gaelron and Halabarefth a bit of a boost to their pleasantries. Gaelron and Halabarefth were awake and in splendid moods, enjoying every vigorous minute of their adventure together as it happened. 

Suddenly the dragon flitted its wings about and the happy pair were tossed adroitly back onto Ardugaknathal’s upper brow again, where they softly landed next to each other shoulder to shoulder. The two were safe on the dragon tougher without dragon sap as the bond of love  between them made stable upon the dragon in flight (even dragon’s recognize love as truly is the most powerful force since it is the heart of creation and revolution). The delighted couple clung to the dragons upper brow in a fold of wrinkly leathery flesh which were between dragon scales which each dwarfed their diminutive humanoid dimensions.

 Ardugaknathal decided to plunge downward dramatically all of a sudden to help invigorate them all and give the romantic couple a boost of excitement! They all plunged to the surface together at a bristling speed but still it took quite a while to be even a fraction of the way down the impossibly steep cliffside. The crystalline black shiny mountain so huge even the great dragon Ardugaknathal was barely visible as a small dot in the bright bloody moonlight as it descended at a blinding speed to the surface below. Eventually the dragons eyes widened open as it sighed, disappointed somewhat to be awake at all but at least it was to be part of a war! Wars were generally fun for a dragon because they had such opportunity to feast or realize the splendor of a ridiculous display of destruction which was usually for reasons that were as silly as rain, hence mostly amusing for the dragon community.

The battle apparently had gotten underway down below as Ardugaknathal eventually reached the last third or so of the mountain to begin speeding into a nice position so the more mortal pairs of eyes of Gaelron and Halabarefth would be delivered a perfect vantage for their perusal of the enraging combat. Ardugaknathal snorted a glob of nether puss out of its nose (which any dragon could generate at will effortlessly but this dragon was particularly adept with nether magic). The nether phlegm dropped right onto a significant population of light beings who were sizzled up instantly by the abysmal booger like crispy barbecued fresh Earth meat at a Texas  pit party. Fried as bacon on that Texas morning without eggs, it was a pity if you liked the light folk but such was the war and the dragon was beginning to enjoy itself, anyway.

The three goblin demon masters began to hum to themselves in their separate little lairs. They were each focusing power on their onto their nether-ropes. Red beams of light sprayed from their eyes which reached the nether ropes as wispy tendrils which wrapped around the nether material of the ropes, crystallizing them in the process. The brittle light vines developed jagged edges harmful to the touch for the light people. The luminescent soldiers finally had all begun to reach the top of their journey and begin to confront the goblin military masses but the last of them suffered some fairly serious injuries from the goblin’s dastardly new magic on the nether ropes.

The wood men were the only ones left on the spiky red crystalline ropes after the radiant former miner folk had all finally made their way onto the surface with their goblin enemies. The unfazed crew of tree men were only on the crystal red jagged nether ropes now in order to mock the battle and throw nut after nut from their bushy footpads at the hordes attacking the goblins perhaps whenever they got the chance. When they reached the top, they started firing their nut missiles into the goblin armies which mostly exploded onto the faces of the individual goblins in precise hits, making each assaulted party member swing their fists into the heads of their brethren which knocked many of their allies coldly to the ground. It was hysterical for the wood people who began falling over the cliffside again to grab onto the barbed red rocky nether extensions off then leapt off the crystal ropes to parachute down. The parachutes they used were bunches of mini-leaves off their treetop footpads which fell off their treetops to spin around like little propellers in the air which swirled around the wood men and created an air buffer of the storm of little pink flower petals. Landing softly to the reddish sandy area they happened onto, the remains of some of the extinguished light people destroyed by Ardugaknathal were strewn about the ground. The wood men piled onto each other and managed to stretch their inner bones so that they quickly grew like trees upward growing so that they didn’t need to climb but created a massively long rope replacement out of their adjoined bodies. Then the tree fellow at the highest elevation reached up with a stout palm and his entire hand changed into a mess of gangly tree roots that broke the black crystal meadow’s surface. His root hand burrowed into the soil it like an anciently anchored tree then all the other tree people connected below him used the hand planted anchor man to pull themselves up as if he became the new rope. When they all had sprouted to the top, the first to arrive removed his rooted hand from the ground and it returned to a more normal form but inside his palm was a large nut which he flung madly at one of the particularly large goblin warriors which knock the brute into the nether moat! The goblin was daunted and dazed, sank below before being spit back up and out of the syrupy nether stuff to be put back in line right where he had been before as if nothing happened.

The light army was confronting the goblin battalions now! Huge strength and size over the illuminated humans was a clear advantage as the goblins were bashing at the light beings with incredible severity, brutally successfully beating many of them to death. The goblins deftly demolished heads and whole chests at a time using their fists with a surprising agility, precision. Obviously the powerful nether magic was at work with Herdoles harnessing the power because his personal goblin killers were adroitly massacring the first wave of light soldiers to reach them. The humanoid light men and women fought back valiantly, glowing incandescently whenever their battle passions would flare in rebuttal of the invasive scourge. The blood of the goblins they spilled was pitch black and thick as most tree saps, spilling out in a gushing roar that indicated they had more than would be possible from just their insides (the nether regions the source of their inner juices were flowing from were prodigiously being channeled directly from the nether abyss). When the goblin trolls were deceased, their bodies slowly melted into pure nether slime which oozed back into the river-moat rapidly. The underworld was unforgiving and it would not waste a drop of itself thus the slain goblin giants were drawn into the nether-moat.

The wood men were all over the goblin invaders now but what they tended to do rather than fight them was distract them and make unwitting comedy with them. Like three of the wood warriors at once would charge at several hundred or so goblins and then the tree people would hurl some of their pink tree nuts onto the ground which would help the goblin murderers find purchase with the seeds underfoot, sending them in a sprawl to the ground and into each other. Some even took serious injuries from the effort and masses of them sprawling into each other, falling over and some even taking serious injuries. This caused the wood people to collapse in hysteria, and then they would curl into a ball to bowl through rows and rows into the slurry of goblin aggressors which sent yet even more to the ground. Other times some of the wood people troops would swipe a goblin head or two off by slicing the necks with a fingernail then plucking the whole cranium off! Then they would stick the the heads right back onto the black nether blood spewing goblin necks and spin the heads around like a top. Eventually the heads stopped spinning and these giant goblins appeared to hardly notice anything had changed. The great goblin population did not have any losses but morale was boosted for the light warrior and the goblins were perhaps every so slightly disoriented as a group.

T’hurlk was charged up. He was unable to pass over the flaming bridge at this time but since he was aware that he was being cornered into the moat otherwise, he focused on a solution with immediacy. There were simply too many of the goblin savages hacking too much misery into the dying light folk to get past, they were everywhere and he could not even see a way out from the densely packed swells of embattlement. When the light warriors managed to kill any of their goblin enemies, their slime would reach the nether moat filling it slightly higher with the nether-sludge, intensifying the black magical powers contained within the goo with every slain goblin. The over-large goblins were all getting drunk on their power and they were taking down many times more light defenders than the other way around. The fallen goblins that did go down actually hyped up the remaining goblin numbers, putting them into a slightly fiercer modality with each rising of the infinitely dismal nether moat. 

The light people were not winning and T’hurlk was feeling drained himself. Several slashes on his arms were starting to slow him down and worsen his pain. He he had slain the most goblins of any light soldier by far, many times more and actually about the same as how many the light army had managed to execute combined. He was growing frenetic in his passionate poetic violence now. The sun hammer he held had grown in size too and emitted a howl upon each swing through the cold night air! With a feverish battle cry, he pummeled through a huge horde of goblin attackers whom noticed him for the first time when they were in their last moment.

T’hurlk crushed one head to pulp. The next was wholly split down the middle like a rock breaking after a fall off a steep cliff. He punched at several dozen of the bigger goblin riffraff all at once with his entire hammer swinging rapidly to and fro at blurring speed which created a force field about the blunt weapon and a hazy blue arc. Thrashing through a large number of yet even more goblin heads,  he was able to start breaking through the outer perimeter of the fire bridge and as he was encroaching it a huge wall of particularly beefy goblin attackers confronted him! The homunculus goblin defenders maintained a position at the front and the middle of the flaming bridge, determined not to let the heroic light man get past them (though they only did this to be dastardly, the situation was much worse for T’hurlk by the looks of it on the inner island of the moat). Concern for his self-preservation left him in a berserkers rage! He stomped his feet and light sparks showered around him, a feast of energy which formed shafts of sunshine up above him as if he were on a special patch of grass in the wilderness one lazy summer afternoon on Thebos, scratching his belly in relaxed comfort. This projection stayed of sun rays floating above him from that point on and functioned as an energy source for T’hurlk. He began growing larger and began swinging recklessly all around him at the endless physical impositions of goblin giant attacker after giant goblin attacker.

Green malformed heads shattered, limbs were cracked and pounded in some cases completely off. T’hurlk’s energies flared up and his mallet responded, taking dozens of sun force impacted goblins out at once with a riveting turbulent energy which sliced through the dark night with a rippling trail of sparks. The massive magical swipe had a thunderous sound accompanying it’s incredible assault power and cracking of the sonic barrier by his mighty mattock impressed Har’u who took it as a cue to emerge from his cave and seek out the source of this booming magical weapon. T’hurlk sweat beads poured off him in multi-colored shimmering droplets and they dropped onto the black crystalline ground then trickled off into the flowing nether slime. The droplets hardened on impact and danced across the moat to the other side before leaping from the putrid abyss to land on the black grass where they adjoined into a puddle. The sweat puddle evaporated into spindly rainbows which disappeared into the air and apparently cast some kind of spell on the goblins who were made momentarily caught off guard enough by the brilliant beautiful display enough for several rushing rows of light soldiers to lop off the heads of a great many goblin foes!

A group of courageous light people formed a solid penetrating front line something like a phalanx and entered one of the huge flaming bridges. Together a great many of them in the front slid to the ground on their knees then planted themselves tightly against each other when they came to a halt. They were battered to a pulp at first by a wave of goblin soldiers but their light flesh bodies were interlocked at the arms in a way which made helped them absorb much of the shocking impact with a geometric confluence that reduced a lot of the potential damage. Their improvised blockade was improved upon by the next row of light warriors who slid into the first interlocked group and strengthened it with even more of a tightly interlocked chain! A cluster of heavily muscled goblin giants charged at the front line from the inner island of the moat, then rammed the light fleshed humans hard enough that many died instantly. The corpses of the fallen light soldiers were smushed into the living wall of the remaining light people by the invading wave of the muscular goblins but this time the goblins were being pressed back by the remaining forces! Sliding backward on their clawed feet the goblins were being pressed all the way back to the end of the bridge which connected to the inner perimeter of the island inside the nether moat. 

The goblin’s had failed to keep their territorial advantage on their end of the platform and when the moment was understood by both sides that way, the insane goblin giants let out horrendous ghastly groans in defiance. They were flaring up in rage and as the light troops breached their perimeter and poured over the flaming bridge to be the other side with the nexus of horrible goblin troops. The inner ring is where the mightiest of all of them were and the huge goblins the light beings now faced began to assault them in a crazy hysteria! Their rage caught most of the light people off-guard and several of them were beheaded in the frenzied violence. But that only encouraged the beastly goblins but too many of the light foes crossed and furiously assaulted the hostile goblin armies on the other side. The hardiest of the great goblin attackers made a ferocious fight but began to be beaten back by the encouraged light soldiers! The light beings fought through the massive muscular ones and crushing them expediently, trampled over their fallen foes and charged toward the remaining masses on the other side of the bridge which were assembling into legions to face the new invaders.

Ardugaknathal was starting to get interested. It was a lot of goblins *and* light beings, some of which could be tasty. The giant dragon didn’t really favor one over the other for a snack but together they might make a nice combination, something like peas and carrots? The dragon was having a harder and harder time resisting the temptation to do something entertaining with the opportunity so it let out an avalanche of fecal droppings onto the hugest collection of goblins remaining on the blackened crystal battlefield. The stuff plopped onto a huge number of deformed goblins without any warning noticed by them and the load crushed them all instantly to death. Then the dragon dung connected, the dark green goblin soldiers were but the poop was absorbed by their decaying corpses and they soon reformed into chiseled, proportioned elite version of their former selves! Their muscularity was increased and their breath was a nether mist that would clearly be poisonous to the light soldiers. The super goblins marched toward the invasive light warriors who had recently breached the bridge. The goblin elite had developed temporary wings and flown to the inner ring just past the fire bridge before their new  wings fell off, which the elitist horde picked up to use as swords against their light foes.

None of the light soldier infantry was expecting the invasion of the super goblins with wing-swords (which looked like they were made of clear-black crystal bones with red blood pulsing inside). Whatever confidence was gained by the achievement of light soldiers penetrating across the flame bridge to the other side was demolished in an instant when most of them who had mate it across were sliced to shreds or run through by the new goblins with their amazing wing-blade weapons. There were so many killed so fast by the wing sword goblins that the battle had turned to an obvious difference in masses of remaining soldiers for either side very clearly favoring the goblins goblin enemies. The nether moat would go down a bit each time a light soldier would perish (still going back up with the loss of a goblin) and at this point the moat  very very deep deep, like a drought was occurring for it! The slime inside did this not because of its diminished volume or power but because it condensed and concentrated its power. Something extraordinary was needing to be done by the light people or the battle might turn into a total and complete victory over the T’hurlk’s people forever, ending their evolutionary cycle and banishing them potentially into the permanence of the nether abyss!