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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

Camille is a bit slow but we’re moving onto a steady pace. She is meeting with SCi CO next week to go over progress and to get the next clips started. We have a new deadline for her and she is going to go faster with all she is doing. The video work she is doing right now is some of the most challenging of the entire picture.


SCi CO has had a financial situation with the investment side and we were destabilized for a bit, but we’re resolving this now with a new situation that will be much improved and very steady. We are investing in DVD sales this X mas, will be selling the first run of the film on the street. At that point we will be looking to a theatrical release to get IMDB attention.


Netflix is something we can get on if we choose. There is a definite way for us to put the movie on Netflix. We have to meet with an attorney to clear the rights formally before we distribute, but the goal of Netflix or a horror exclusive network will be explored.


There are other projects for SCi CO at this time, the Bach in Socket tracks are being finalized next week, the book “Shuke’s War” is at about 120 pages into the third edit (of four, the last will be line editing to fix punctuation and basic grammar stuff, not content). The book is roughly 230+ pages and we feel the progress is excellent. It is shaping up to be a readable work and we are interested in selling the property at Powell’s, on the streets then everywhere else we can get it. There will be a very short run of paperbacks printed, possible 20 or so to get them in stores and to sell a few on the street. We have limited capital for investments and are being strategic– for example, Camille Spain’s fee for the film post production.

SCi CO is also working to get 188 sculptures into 3d modeling form by February! Dana started working on sculptures about a year and a half ago and had to set things aside after being beaten by Portland police. We’re now ready to go with digital printed sculptures which will be downloadable files. We’ll also make the plastic pieces to form molds with to create stone form. Several of them will have a digital hologram counterpart.


The new poster for Raiders of the Lost Clam!!! is being prepared along with the Shuke’s War book cover.



Dana is busy as can be and working every second of the day he can to launch SCi CO’s product line.

Note: Dana believed Thanksgiving was around the 30th (he stopped celebrating after being starved and beaten by cops over food in VT), thus the original deadlines of getting the book out, getting the jazz album our and the film by Thanksgiving is about the 30th. The film is in Camille’s hands for timing now and the jazz album is being produced, the book is looking good for a first release by the end of this month. SCi CO Music has a Youtube channel with a weekly demo, by the way!