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Update: Video Post - SCI CO

Update: Video Post

Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO is having Camille Spain add special fx magic to the “Chowder Bowl” scene which is the first with dialogue in this picture. She’s using an unusual video editing platform for a tech savvy person who is working with her personal system, thus it won’t be like a great many other movies using After Effects the industry standard but it will have a unique flair. We’ve decided that subtle less is more video work is the emphasis for us, and we’re being highly selective with the spots which we need it at all. There’s very few. This work is beginning recently and we’re seeing it’s faster than anticipated. We are ahead of schedule– what a surprise, Camille Spain is on her own schedule! SCi CO is always on time and always on scheduleā„¢.

We’re extremely satisfied by the progress and the poster is also being devised with the final credits. These will be working versions for the titling and credit work of the opening segment. We’re seeing only a few places which need steadiness correction. The film’s sound is going to be finalized after the video work, we have a bit of mixing (leveling the volumes) to do.